2017 | Aggie Hall of Fame

Alumni Hall of Fame
The Alumni Hall of Fame is a distinguished award created to recognize and honor outstanding graduates or attendees of Albertville High School who have excelled in their profession and/or made significant contributions in their community. Inductees from each year are featured on the AHS Hall of Fame located in Albertville High School. Each year, AHS students have the opportunity to listen to the biography and accomplishments of that year’s inductees in a program held in the Fine Arts Center. It is held with the goal of inspiring AHS students to pursue their own dreams as graduate from AHS.
Patsy Williams Bowlds, PhD- Science and Business
James Maurice “Mo” Canady- Law Enforcement
Teresa L. Cannady, JD- Law
Daniel Edward Norman- Military
Jack Fricks- Business
William Marion Abercrombie (Abbie)- Business
Roderick Davis, PhD- Educator
Christina Darden Hjort- Broadcast Media
William Burton “Bill” Keller- Journalism
Elizabeth Hardy Noe- Law
Ronald P. Thompson, JD- Law
Richard Butler- Engineering
Henry Brown Cribbs, Jr.- Sports
Martha Hagood, MD- Medicine
Charles K. McPherson, Sr. – Business
Bill R. Wilks- Business
Jerry Max Anderson- Engineering
Norman McSwain, Jr., MD, FACS- Medicine
Rhonda Slaton Osborne- Medicine
George Dewey Wells, Jr.- Community Service
James Martin Williams- Engineering
Neeya Davis Biddle- Business
Michael W. Davis- Music
Joseph Edward Hearn, PhD- Education
Alonzo Barber Hooper, Jr.- Business and Community Service
Edwin Hugh Ingram- Business
Jack Mitchell- Business
Hugh Lee “Shorty” Ogle- Sports
Melissa Rhea- Law
Charles Woods, MD- Medicine
Bennett A. Alford, MD, FACR- Medicine
Ed Carnes- Law
T.J. Carnes- Law
Pat Courington, Jr.- Business
Rusty Greer- Sports
John Allen Hannah- Sports
Robert “Hal” Hayes- Journalism
Robert O. Johnson- Photography
Jonathan Paul Killian- Entertainment
Lelias Eugene Kirby, MD- Medicine
Charley Pell- Sports
Kathryn Rains Reed- Education
Gerald W. Smith- Engineering
Susan Nolen Story- Engineering and Business
Jeffrey Alan Thrash- Business